(Intro: Brother, close your browser. Do it now, don’t ask questions.)

Coming from 12 years of Catholic school and 2 years of (very) Catholic residence halls, my sex ed was… limited? lacking? fundamentally flawed?

After I came out and started getting involved in the queer organizations on campus, I was shocked at the focus placed on safe sex. Not just on sex, but on always using protection on everything. The first time I saw a strap on, it had a condom on it. We had a bowl of rainbow condoms and dental dams sitting on the bookshelf in the lgbt office. Yup, we were that cool.

Enter: Lucky Bloke. If you haven’t gotten over the (very ingrained) Catholic fear of buying condoms… they deliver! Not only that, they deliver fun and different condoms from all sorts of interesting places. Also, 10% of all sales go to charity, so there’s the whole almsgiving thing out of the way 😉

Lucky Bloke is giving away a spot to BiSC2013, and I could really use the cash (for more sex toys to stave off the celibacy cravings!)


Anything to say?

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