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Reasons I’m looking at my wine glass early…

  • I’m having copier problems a la Office Space today.
  • I miss the mountains. As much as I enjoy the city, and my job… I really miss the snow and quiet time on my skis. Someone mentioned Vail on twitter and I was very sad.
  • My evenings are kind of boring at the moment. I’m working out in the mornings, so after 4:30 all I really have to do is head home and watch tv/read/something in my apartment.
  • This leads to the fact that I’m kind of lonely. And I can’t really go out right now because I’m a little bit poor due to #BiSC.

What I’m lovin’ this week…

  • I am crazy excited for #BiSC!
  • A friend and I are going to attempt to sear tuna tomorrow night from a cool fish market. I’ve always wanted to try it, but never been brave enough on my own. And if it fails we can order pizza.
  • 3/4 mornings on the treadmill. They weren’t pretty, or fast, but I’m putting the time in. Running gets easier, right?


Happy Thursday, y’all.


4 thoughts on “Wine and Love, V.2

    1. I know the running gets easier. I know. I just have to remind myself when it sucked majorly this morning.

      I’m game for a skype date one night… Now I must figure out how to install skype/videochat. Hmm.

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