I’m taking part in Stratejoy’s “Put Yourself Out There” discussion group. It’s pretty much fantastic… and we have challenges each week. This week, I had to write myself a love letter. I would love to say that I revised and cleaned this up, but I like the idea of leaving it as it is, as a stream of consciousness exercise.


I love you. I love the sensitivity you show the universe.
I love that you feel joy at animals and babies–and the smile that crosses your face.
I love that you value the relationships you have with your family.

I love that you love both men and women openly.
I love your relationship with the Church and the Lord–and the struggle you went through to get to this point.
I love that you revere the priesthood and religious life.

I love the responsibility you are taking for your disease and managing your health and medication.
I love that you finished your degree-and did it in spite of your trauma and decision to leave campus.

I love that you took a chance and went to Vail and then to Europe–and from those places, learned to let go and lean on people.
I love that you admitted your brokenness and suicidality to your mother.
I love that you made the commitment to taking suicide off that table–and the challenge you took on of really living your life, rather than just waiting for the end.


Anything to say?

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